Hawaiian Plants and Tropical Flowers

This site features photographs and descriptions of 160 different Hawaiian flower and plant species organized by flower color and other plant characteristics.

Hawaiian tropical plants and flowers

The Hawaiian Islands have an interesting variety of plant species, with about half being native species and half being introduced species. Because of Hawaii's remote, isolated location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 89 percent of the native (non-introduced) plants found here are endemic (native to nowhere else in the World).

Hawaiian Tropical Flowers

Because Hawaii is such a tropical paradise for plants, many of the non-native plants brought here have gone wild, and a number of them have become seriously invasive. A few introduced plant species were brought here by the ancient Polynesians in their canoes, while the rest, including many food plants, forage crops, forestry trees, exotic tropical flowers, former houseplants, and accidental weeds were brought here more recently from many different places around the World.

Hawaiian Tropical Flowers

Whether you live here or are just visiting Hawaii, I hope that you will find this site useful. New plants and tropical flowers will be added as I photograph and identify them, so be sure to check back occasionally!

Recently Added Hawaiian Tropical Flowers and Plants:

  1. Setaria palmifolia – Palmgrass
  2. Rotheca myricoides – Blue Butterfly Bush
  3. Dioscorea bulbifera – Air Yam

A guide to the tropical flowers, plants, and wildflowers of Hawaii